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Meditations for Children

Guided Relaxation for Children Audio Total time: 7:27
Guided Visualization for When You Are Being Bullied Audio Total time: 13:01
Imagine You Are A Frog Audio Total time: 9:01
Unwrapping A Gift Audio Total time: 8:43
The Wishing Well Audio Total time: 9:46

Meditations for Empaths

The Tree Audio Total time: 8:35
Womb Space Audio Total time: 6:19
Washing Away Negativity Audio Total time: 06:27
Holding Yourself in Love Audio Total time: 5:37
Opening to Receive Audio Total time: 03:58

Chakra Meditations

Compassion Meditations

Love Meditations

Meditations for Self Esteem

Meditations for Spiritual Awareness

Mantra Meditations

Ah-Hum Meditation Audio Total time: 10:22

Yoga Meditations

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