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MP3 Information

Versions available

Most MP3s available from this store are available in three versions, depending on whether the MP3 has background music as an option or not.

  • No background music - mono
  • With background music - mono
  • With background music - stereo

All versions of a meditation are available for you to download with each purchase, so you can choose which suits you best.

MP3 Format

The MP3s are created using a constant bitrate encoding (CBR) according to the table below:

  • Stereo MP3s - 192kbps
  • Mono MP3s - 96kbps

The stereo background music has a more spacious feel to it, and is twice the size of the mono formats.

Burning MP3s to CD

You will need a CD burning program to burn the MP3s to CD.

See this article on How can I burn MP3s from my computer onto CD-Rs? for more information.

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