About Elisabeth Blaikie

Founder of Fragrant Heart

The collection of guided audios on this website was written and recorded by Elisabeth Blaikie. Fragrant Heart was launched in 2009 with the assistance of Elisabeth's family.

Elisabeth was inspired to make meditation accessible and easy to learn. She believes that through meditation, each person, no matter what state their life is in right now, can open an inner doorway to greater peace and love. World peace, global consciousness begins with each one of us.

Elisabeth has a background in teaching, and in health and well being. She began formal meditation practice during the early 1990s. Her resonance with the Buddhist tradition took her to the world's centre for Vipassana in India. Her time in India was a profound experience. Returning to New Zealand she taught meditation and creative visualization in weekly groups.

Elisabeth describes meditation as an altered state of awareness. Meditation goes beyond the constant chatting of the mind. It transcends the cacophony of jarring thought streams that may keep us in varying states of stress and anxiety. Meditation is our natural state of being, but to experience mind stillness is like an altered state in comparison to the mind's busyness. Meditation is not about condemning the mind though. That after all is its job; to keep on producing thoughts. It's our constant reactions to the thoughts that keep us disconnected from our inner state of peace and calm. Meditation gives us the space to access this deep state.

Wishing each and every one of you the deepest peace, and the most abiding love,

The Fragrant Heart Family

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