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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't see the play button?
    Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page. If you are using a phone or tablet, see the next question.
  • I can't play the meditations on my phone or tablet?
    The player on the website uses the Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 Audio, which supported on most modern devices and browsers (iPhone, iPad, Android, IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc). If you get a message about installing the Adobe Flash Player instead of the player, please let us know the make and model of your device so we can add support for it. Otherwise, you can still listen to the meditations by purchasing the MP3 tracks from our store, downloading them to your computer and then syncing the tracks across to your device.
  • I didn't receive Day 2 of the Learn How to Meditate course?
    The emails are sent on a 24 hour cycle from when you subscribed to the course. If more than 24 hours have passed since you signed up, please check your spam or junk folders in case the email was delivered there by mistake. Also, adding our email address ( to your contacts list should ensure emails are delivered to your inbox.
  • There are no links in your emails to click?
    Most email software will disable links automatically. Usually there is a bar or message at the top of the email screen allowing you to enable the links. Make sure the email is in your inbox, not the junk or spam folders.
  • Do you have an app for my phone?
    No, we don't have an app for mobile devices at this time, but we are considering making one.
  • The audio stops part way through and/or loops
    Your browser has probably cached a partial copy of the meditation. Clear your browser cache and reload the page.
    On mobile devices, the audio may not be downloading fast enough to keep up with the playback rate. In this case, pause the audio until the whole meditation has loaded.
    If you are on the download page for your MP3 files, make sure you right-click or long-press the link and choose the "Save ..." option.
  • My MP3 download has expired!
    Not to worry, just click the link to get a new download (on the same page where the error message is). That will send a new download link to the same email address you used to purchase the downloads (your PayPal email address). If you can't access your PayPal email address any more, send us a message below, letting us know your old and new email addresses.
  • The MP3 I downloaded only has part of the audio
    Your browser has probably cached a partial copy of the meditation. Clear your browser cache and try the download again.
  • Do you sell CDs or cassette tapes?
    No, we don't sell CDs or cassette tapes sorry. You can burn your own CD from the MP3 files if you computer supports burning CDs. See this link for more information: How can I burn MP3s from my computer onto CD-Rs?

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