Meditate in the Moment

If you have already subscribed to Fragrant Heart’s Free “Learn How to Meditate in 5 Days”, this meditation will help to reinforce your practice.

I would like to invite you to meditate with me online for ten minutes. Throughout the ten minutes there will be guidance and pauses for you to experience being present here and now.

I will also be sending you metta as we meditate together. This is known as loving guidance. At the end of your practice, you can also give out metta to family, friends, loved ones, and all beings everywhere.

As you send metta you may want to say silently to yourself:
“May you always be happy. May you always be free. May you always love.”

Read more information about the course here: Learn How to Meditate in 5 Days

Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.

Click the play button next to the meditation to listen. Total listening time: 10:51.

Meditate in the Moment
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