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What is a Spiritual Practice?

This question comes up a lot and can cause confusion. Simply put a spiritual practice is anything that a person does to be at peace within themselves and in the world.

Some people may follow the path of an organized religion, a special teacher or guru. They may feel more secure with beliefs and doctrines imposed from outside of themselves. There are many approaches and it is not to say that one is better than another but rather what is correct for each person.

What is the aspiration of any spiritual practice?

The aspiration of any spiritual practice is to simply change our perception of ourselves and the world. With years of conditioning set in concrete within us it takes a lot of chipping away at that to encounter who we truly are. To know the difference between our conditioning and our true nature is the journey of self-discovery. The more we can do this the more we can feel at peace. It takes perseverance and persistence to let go of the things that lead to misery and unhappiness.

Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

Meditation offers many different techniques for us to be at peace. The technique is simply the tool that leads to meditating. Consider that by the year 2020 depression will become a leading cause of ill health and death. Underlying all depression is stress. We know how prevalent stress is in our world. When people feel they have no control over their stress their lives become unmanageable and unfulfilled. Anything that takes us away from a sense of well-being for any prolonged length of time undermines our health on all levels.

Learn to Meditate

What is your spiritual practice? What do you do that gives you inner peace? If you are considering learning to meditate for inner peace and well being subscribe to Learn to Meditate over Five Days on our website.

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