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Four Proven Reasons to Meditate

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to meditate. If you do not already have a meditation practice these four reasons could well motivate you to getting started.

  1. Meditation is well researched stress in reducing and eliminating stress. It leads to greater peace, calm and relaxation.
  2. Meditation releases mental confusion and conflicts so that you are able to become more focused, concentrated and alert.
  3. Meditation enables you to release old stored negative beliefs about yourself and others. You can then attract to you what you really want because your self confidence and self esteem increase.
  4. Meditation releases physical blocks in your body. You become more energized, healthier and sexier. It is possible to also heal physical ailments.

The basis of meditation is learning to focus and concentrate the mind. If you want to achieve all of the above you need to learn how to manage your mind. Your mindís job is to create thoughts. Thereís nothing wrong with that. Mind does what it is designed to do. Thoughts arise all the time. Your reactions to those thoughts are what create your world.

What if you could just observe your thoughts without constantly reacting to them? What if you could view your thoughts as you would a movie? You are the watcher, the observer of the movie of your mind and like a movie each scene (thought) is passing in front of you and then disappearing. If you could observe the movie of your life without reactivity in which you create unhappiness what would your life be like? Any person living a life like that without dramas, conflicts, crises, and misery would be feeling calm, peaceful, relaxed and aligned with their skills, talents and creativity. Is this possible to achieve? Yes it is.

Meditation is simple and easy to learn but does require persistence and daily practice to get the results that come from dedication and self discipline. Meditation can be fitted into your day and you can achieve results with as little as ten minutes practice a day. Meditation doesnít require any fancy props, or training equipment to get results that will create emotional, mental and physical fitness. If you continue to practise these will increase more and more in your life. There are hundreds of meditation techniques and you may consider a few of them before you find one that suits you. You donít have to be religious or follow any spiritual practices to meditate. It wonít interfere with your culture or religious affiliations.

You can learn to meditate simply, easily and effectively over five days by practising just a few minutes each day with our Learn How To Meditate in 5 Days course. By day five you will be meditating for just ten minutes. You will be guided step by step to master the technique. Then you can pursue your own meditation practice without further instruction.

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