Candle Gazing Meditation


This meditation guides you as you gaze at a candle flame. It is a well known form of meditation. If there is a particular quality that you would like to enhance in yourself such as your intuition, then you could choose a green coloured candle to open your insightfulness. 
Colour has a great influence on us; helping to balance and align us to the Universal Life Force. Below is a range of colours, and their attributes. Consider also bringing colours, that could enhance your well being into your clothing, and dwelling.
Just a few words of advice when buying candles. Many candles are made with toxic substances such as paraffin, which release harmful vapours when burning. Look for candles made from beeswax, or soy wax. They are non-toxic, and burn longer. 
Colours and their qualities from Historical and Metaphysical Views
White Clarity, wholeness and completion, purity, innocence and simplicity.
Gold Wealth, prosperity and abundance, spirituality and higher ideals.
Silver Clairvoyance, accessing the subconscious mind, and personal transformation.
Violet Connecting with the divine, higher consciousness, spiritual development, commitment, and reverence.
Indigo Intuition, insight and wisdom, imagination, clarity of thought.
Blue Self expression and communication, inspiration, creativity, relaxation, trust, and devotion.
Turquoise Healing, independence, and protection.
Green Love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, trust, the ability to heal oneself and others, freedom.
Yellow Self esteem, self respect, self discipline, ambition, inner power, generosity, ethics, confidence, the courage to take risks.
Orange Sexual energy, sensuality, happiness, friendship, the ability to survive loss of any sort, optimism.
Red Survival, safety and connection to the physical world, courage, family bonding, physical strength and vitality.
Pink Loyalty, warmth, empathy.


The space needs to be quiet, and darkened. Place the lit candle on a table, or something else where the candle will be at eye level. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, especially at the waist, hips, and chest. Make sure the room temperature is pleasant for you. A shawl or blanket draped around your shoulders will give you extra warmth. Turn off your mobile, and phone, and any other appliances that may disturb you.
Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, and slightly apart. Rest your hands in your lap, or place them palm downwards on your thighs. If you can, keep your back straight without resting it against the chair.
You can also sit cross-legged on a cushion on the floor. Place the cushion underneath you so that it raises your buttocks. Place your hands in your lap, or hold them in the more traditional style with your palms resting upward on your thighs, and the thumbs and index fingers lightly touching. Keep your back straight throughout the practice. Bringing your chin a little toward your neck will help to straighten your back.
Centre yourself by gently moving your torso from side to side, and then forwards and backwards, until you feel a subtle alignment in your body.

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Candle Gazing Meditation
also available without background music:

Written Version

Now take your attention to the candle flame…draw in a long, slow breath through your nose… as you slowly breathe out through your nose let the busyness of your day drop away. And take in another long, slow, deep breath through your nose… as you breathe out slowly through your nose, let go of all worries that may have been troubling you this day. And again, draw in a long, slow, deep breath…breathing all the way down into your belly… as you slowly breathe out through your nose sink comfortably into your posture, just being aware that your back is straight…your shoulders are sloping downwards…have a hint of a smile on your face…let your face be smooth, and serene.

Now just allow the breath to come, and to go as it will, letting it be natural… keeping your focus on the candle flame. Hear my words, and let them go… just being aware of the guidance, but not holding onto the words. Gaze softly at the flame… as you continue to do so if you feel you are starting to stare at the light, ever so gently blink your eyes and refocus your eyes… gazing softly at the candle light once more… allowing your mind to quieten… allowing the thoughts that enter your mind to be there, but like these words just letting them drift by… As you softly gaze at the flame, you will notice that thoughts will come into your mind. Just allow them to be there, and allow them to float out of your mind like passing clouds…It takes time for the mind to quieten so if thoughts are there don’t try pushing them away… Never resist your thoughts, just pay them no attention, and they will pass… Never become discouraged if your mind is busy, or beat yourself up because you are finding it difficult to stay focused…When your mind influences you with thoughts, bring it gently but firmly back to the flame… This is your meditation practice, and it takes time and patience to change old habits… Continue to gaze gently at the flame… And keep your awareness on the flame, gently gazing at the flame, remaining aware, remaining focused, remaining concentrated, aware, focused, concentrated, gazing at the flame…

Remain aware, letting all thoughts pass through your mind like clouds in the sky…

And now when you are ready, gently withdraw your gaze from the flame… bring your consciousness back into the room. Give thanks for having been able to spend this time in meditation. Just slowly turn your head from side to side. Become aware of the temperature in the room. When you are ready, take a deep, and clearing breath.

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