Ah-Hum Meditation

Mantras are described as “sound symbols” and have been chanted for thousands of years in devotional practices around the world. Repeating a mantra and paying attention to it is a form of meditation. It is possible to benefit from a mantra without knowing about its spiritual significance. A mantra whether chanted out loud, or repeated silently can still the mind. By it being your point of focus you will notice that there is less mental chatter. Your concentration will be on the mantra so you won’t be thinking as much. Distracting thoughts will subside, especially thoughts that continually keep us away from our true nature of peace and love, such as worrying and fearful thoughts. Repeating a mantra develops mindfulness and will help bring you into the present moment.

The mantra Ah - Hum has no literal meaning. It is pronounced Ah with the aa sound long, as in father, and Hum, approximately pronounced hoong. On each inward breath repeat silently to yourself, Ah, and on each outward breath repeat silently to yourself Hum. In this guided meditation you will experience being aware of the breath and the mantra, Ah Hum, as your one pointed focus.

Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.

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Ah-Hum Meditation
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