Accessing Your Intuition

Have you ever ignored or gone against that quiet voice within, prompting you to choose a better outcome in your life?  Did you find that by ignoring your inner voice or intuition, you made a decision that wasn't always the best choice?
In this audio you will be guided to reconnect with your inner voice, your inner knowing.
The three major areas in our lives that we are most concerned about are Health, Wealth and Relationships. One or more of these areas may be of concern to you now.  
As you go on this guided journey, take time to focus on one of these aspects of your life.  This guided audio will help you to open to your intuition, and listen to the guidance that is waiting there for you.  


Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.


Click the play button next to the meditation to listen. Total listening time: 12:13.

Accessing Your Intuition
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