Yoga Nidra / Yoga Relaxation Meditation

Yoga Nidra comes from the Eastern traditions and is also known as ‘Yoga Sleep’. It is however, not about falling asleep but inducing a state of deep relaxation and inner awareness. Yoga Nidra is a very powerful physical and mental relaxation technique. It soothes the body and helps to release the mind’s busyness with its often confusing and contradictory thoughts. It helps to resolve mental issues. If done on a regular basis it is also known to be beneficial for people who have physical pain and disabilities. The practice of Yoga Nidra relaxes, rejuvenates, and rebalances the mind, body and spirit.


Choose a place where you can lie down and not be disturbed. This is usually done on the floor with support under your head, knees, or lower back if needed. Have the room as quiet as possible with dimmed lighting. Do some stretching exercises before you lie down.


Lying down on your back in Sivasana is also known as the Corpse Pose in yoga. Close your eyes and breathe normally. Lie with your legs apart about 21 inches from ankle to ankle. Let your feet fall away from your body. Have your arms about 12 inches away from your body as measured from wrist to body. Allow your palms to face upwards. As you lie in this position visualize your body aligned and straight and adjust your posture with slow and deliberate intention if you need to.

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Yoga Nidra / Yoga Relaxation Meditation
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