A Prayer to Start the Day

This guided audio is a prayer to start the day. You may like to listen to it upon awakening, to guide and inspire you throughout the rest of the day.  You may also like to read the transcript, and perhaps memorize it as your own daily prayer.


Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.

Click the play button next to the meditation to listen. Total listening time: 1:33.

A Prayer to Start the Day
also available without background music:

Music and video by Paul Roberts: www.banjocrazy.com

Written Version


I begin this day with Love,

knowing that I am part of Creation,

and that I have my part to play in the Divine Plan.

I make an intention now, that throughout the day

I am the very best I can be. (Pause and Reflect)

And with this intention,

I surrender to the unfolding day,

feeling peaceful and calm,

feeling loved and love,

feeling joyful and happy.

I embrace this day with gratitude,

as I flow in the Ocean of Love,

centred and balanced, whole and complete,

expressing the genius I was born with,

being of service in this world,

and in so being,

bringing heaven and earth together. 

© Elisabeth Blaikie 2014. For personal use only. Please feel free to use this with your family and friends or within your own meditation group. Re-publishing is not permitted without written consent.

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