A Prayer to End the Day

Listen to (or read) this prayer while reflecting on your day, letting go of any negative thoughts that may have arisen during the day, and expressing gratitude and loving kindness before going to sleep. 


Bringing meditation and prayer into our daily lives reduces stress, and helps us to let go of the relentlessness of negative thought loops. 


Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.


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A Prayer to End the Day
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Written Version


As I enter into the stillness and silence of the night,

I know that I am part of Creation,

and that I have my part to play in the Divine Plan.

Before I fall into restful and rejuvenating sleep,

I let go with intention any negative thoughts and beliefs

that may have arisen today.  (Pause and Reflect)

I embrace those separated parts of me that are fragile and vulnerable

with compassion and love.  (Pause and Reflect)

I express gratitude for what has unfolded this day.  (Pause and Reflect)

I send loving kindness to my loved ones and friends, and all beings near and far.  (Pause and Reflect)

Centred and balanced, whole and complete,

I breathe fully and freely,

flowing in the Ocean of Love,

in peace, in happiness, in beauty, and in love. 

© Elisabeth Blaikie 2014. For personal use only. Please feel free to use this with your family and friends or within your own meditation group. Re-publishing is not permitted without written consent.

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