It Is Just a Thought

Thoughts are arising in our minds all the time.  What gives them immense power over us, are the associative emotions we feel.  We all know for example, that if we think about someone negatively, we begin to feel angry or resentful toward them. 


It is important to understand what may be lurking behind negative thinking.  There may be emotional hurt and pain within you that needs to be brought out of the shadows and addressed.  Perhaps now is the time to do that.


This guided audio will help you to let go of negative thinking, especially if it has become habitual, or a place where you are stuck.  The audio will enable you to take immediate action, to re-evaluate your negative thinking and change your life in more enhancing and positive ways.

Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.


Click the play button next to the meditation to listen. Total listening time: 8:15.

It Is Just a Thought
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