The Tree

Many of you who come to the Fragrant Heart website are often struggling with living in a world where you feel just so sensitive.  

If you are an Empath you have many gifts to offer to others. But there is also a downside to your kind, loving, intuitive nature.  If you become ungrounded, you can feel overwhelmed and quite destabilized.
Our first audio in this series, called 'The Tree', will help you to centre yourself.  It is one way that an Empath, who is prone to feeling the emotions and even thoughts of others, can stay present. Becoming a Happy Empath, you learn to detach and become selective about the emotions that you are willing to respond to in others. 


Read the Preparation and Posture Guide before you begin.


Click the play button next to the meditation to listen. Total listening time: 8:35.

The Tree
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