Loving Self Compassion

Do you often judge yourself too harshly, or berate yourself for making mistakes? 
As we've grown from childhood into adulthood, many of us have internalised negative messages said to us by parents, teachers and others in our community.  As children we sometimes take on what others say about us as though that is who we are. These internalised messages can often be playing out in us without much conscious awareness. But they show up in our behaviour and erode our self worth and our self esteem.
Research shows that self criticism is undermining to health and well being.  
However, we can stop the relentlessness of self criticism by bringing mindfulness to the thoughts we are thinking, and extending loving kindness to ourselves daily.   Just as we would be sympathetic, kind and loving to someone else, we can also practise being kind and loving to ourselves.  We can immerse ourselves in the practice of Loving Self Compassion.

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Loving Self Compassion
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