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Your Attitude Makes All the Difference

Your attitude to your thoughts and images throughout the day, and even in your meditation practice will make a huge difference to the quality of your life.  Thereís enough research to show that a positive attitude enhances our immune systems, which creates greater health and vitality.

When you are sitting in meditation and thoughts and images arise that are not so pleasant for you, what do you do?  Throughout everything written on Fragrant Heart I emphasize to accept and allow whatever arises in meditation, to observe the thoughts or images, and to understand that the job of the mind is to keep on creating thoughts and images throughout your life.  Itís the attachment to the thoughts and images that lead to suffering and misery. 

Say for example, when you go about your day and you have a persistent negative thought.  This is a thought that is really bugging you.  You just canít get rid of it, and itís making you feel bad about yourself. What could you do about that?  Yes, you could sit and meditate but maybe thatís not possible at the time.  Well, first of all accept and allow that thought or image.  Itís not going away no matter how hard you try to push it away.  Then turn the thought or image into something else.  Create a positive thought or image for yourself.  For example, you may have screwed up around something or someone, and feel that you are worthless. You could say to yourself, ďEven though this didnít work out, I am still a worthwhile person, and I have the resilience and capability to get through this.Ē  Doing this you are changing the thought or image. You are creating an attitude of positive thinking and compassion for yourself.  Keep on doing this until you feel a change in yourself.

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