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You Are Valuable

The feeling of being valuable – “I am a valuable person” is essential to mental health and is the cornerstone of self-discipline . . . because when one considers oneself valuable one will take care of oneself in all ways that are necessary. Self-discipline is self-caring.

M. Scott Peck, ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

Losing that knowing of being valuable

I came across this quote from M. Scott Peck and reflected on it for some time. For all of us who have in one way or another grown up emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually abused, either by parents or those who take on the role of caregivers such as teachers, feeling ourselves to be a valuable person is not always easy. Yes, we can feel of value if we are giving to others or meeting others’ needs in some way. I’m talking more about the feeling of intrinsic value of oneself without having to do anything but just be you. Calling back the parts of ourselves we gave away at an early age to be loved and accepted is the journey of self-growth and understanding. As we do this we can experience old feelings of sadness, anger, shame and guilt.

Dealing with your Emotions

If you have begun a consistent daily meditation practice you may find at times that emotions and feelings that you have suppressed like anger and sadness will come to the surface. Allowing and accepting them, experiencing the sensations in your body that are associated with these negative feelings and emotions, and being there with them until they change into something else is all part of the healing process with ongoing meditation.

Meditation reinforces that you are valuable

Meditation will help you retrieve the knowing that you are a valuable person if you lost that at some point in your life. Meditation is also a way of taking care of you. A meditation practice will give you an innate knowing that you are valuable, not in any sort of egotistical way, but that you are here on earth with your part to play. Meditation is a form of self-discipline because you need to show up each day to your practice, but it is also a form of self-caring. Taking care of yourself is essential to being happy and peaceful. You will find as time goes on that “self-discipline is self-caring”.

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