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Why use music in meditation?

Certain types of music like classical music or gentle lyrical music can be relaxing and help some people hold their attention and focus. On our Fragrant Heart website the guided meditations can be played with or without background music. Most of us have probably experienced the soothing and calming effects of listening to music. Much of Mozartís music for example, has a rhythm that helps to induce a slowing of brain wave patterns that can lead to what is known as the alpha state. This is a state of deep relaxation and peacefulness. Music as an adjunct to meditation is useful at times especially if you are new to meditation, or your mind is particularly busy. If you are emotionally upset and finding it difficult to concentrate music can also help to settle you into your practice. My suggestion is to use music only when you absolutely need to. As you continue your daily meditation begin to let go of having background music even if it is only barely audible so that you can move into and experience real stillness without distraction.

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