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Vipassana Meditation

It was great discovering a book written back in the 90ís, and stepping back into the spiritual and psychological thinking of some researchers, sages, and visionaries of that decade. The focus for humans hasnít changed much from then to now, which is how to be happy, and how to be at peace with oneself and the world.

Vipassana also known as Insight Meditation

As I was perusing the book I noticed a photo of S.N.Goenka who brought the teaching of Vipassana Meditation from Burma to the West. Vipassana is also known as Insight Meditation. Its popularity has resulted in centres all over the world. Anyone can go there for a ten-day silent retreat. The ones I have been to in New Zealand, Australia and India are places of deep peace, and the surroundings are gentle and harmonious with nature.

Vipassana can be done by just about anyone

Vipassana as taught by S.N.Goenka emphasises three aspects; moral behaviour, to encourage the mind to settle, mastery of the mind through concentration of the breath, and vipassana proper, that is, purification of the mind through insight into oneís physical and mental structure. Yes, vipassana is definitely a discipline, and some people find it too strenuous for them. However, following this path can lead to dissolving the three-fold source of all suffering: craving, aversion, and ignorance. The Buddha taught Vipassana, but it is non-sectarian, and people from all walks of life have done the courses.

Vipassana can dissolve suffering

Doing Vipassana has given many people I know a greater awareness and compassion for themselves and others. Stress and anxiety have melted away as they continue to meditate daily. Others too, gave up after a few days on the course. It wasnít for them, and they went on to seek the peace they were aspiring to in other ways.

Vipassana Meditation was a turning point in my life and a practice I continue to do. It gave me a structure and a technique, but it also reinforced that once again our true nature is that of peace, stillness, and love.

If you are interested in a course you will find a centre near you if you check the Internet.

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