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Transform Yourself with Stillness

"Stillness is the greatest achievement one can have in life."

These words from an Indian guru called Papaji convey to me what is there for us when we become still. Meditation offers that opportunity for stillness. When we start to meditate it seems, though that we are far from stillness. The mind becomes busier than ever. In fact it is downright relentless to maintain its position. So how to become still? First of all, accept that the mind's job is to create thoughts. If you don't accept that you will end up frustrated and disappointed every time a thought arises when you are meditating.

Remember you can train your mind, not by beating it about but with a firm and positive gentleness. It's called allowing. Allow the thought to be there but pay it no attention.

Have you noticed that if you give into that one thought before long the mind has created a whole string of thoughts called a story? Always come back to your point of focus whether it is watching the breath, a candle, repeating a mantra, or whatever meditation technique you are using. You will always be coming back to your point of focus in meditation and to do that without creating more suffering for yourself, remember to Accept and Allow.

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