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Thoughts... Are They All That Serious?

How seriously do you take your thoughts?  I notice that when I am meditating thoughts are passing on through some of the time.  Well, yes some thoughts can tend to hang about for a while.  Sometimes thought after thought arises and I am observing them but not giving them any extra energy like consciously connecting another thought to the previous one.  In meditation I see how clearly the job of the mind is to just keep on creating thought, after thought, after thought.  Itís no wonder that by the end of the day most of us have had about 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds.  And do you know that the repetition of those thoughts day after day are creating your future?  It can be scary to realize that if a lot of those thoughts are focused on negative aspects of ourselves then we begin to create the very experiences to reinforce what we think.  Have you ever had a relationship with someone that broke up and you then went on to the next relationship only to find the same patterns playing out yet again?  Why did that happen?  Your thoughts about yourself created the same dynamics that played out albeit with a new player. 

Meditation helps me to lighten up, and not take my thoughts so seriously.

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