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The power of visualisation

I did a workout the other night with a chiropractor who has devised a series of structured and integrated exercises. He told us that ten years ago his belly was so fat he could barely see his toes. Once he started the exercises he felt really good but not only that he felt slim as well. From then on just visualizing himself slim, led to eating slim foods and doing things that slim people do. People began to tell him how great he looked, and he felt great despite still being overweight. That didn’t matter, it was how he was feeling and visualizing himself to be. Three months later he was slim and has stayed that way ever since.

His story reinforced for me the power of visualization that brings about changes in both our inner and outer lives.

Visualization is about imagining scenes in our minds. Some people see pictures and others simply become aware of thoughts and impressions that have to do with pictures rather than seeing the pictures themselves. How do you visualize? Shut your eyes now and visualize someone’s face to find out which method you use.

Visualization can help us achieve our goals

In real life our senses come together to give us a unified experience. In visualizing or imagining we can do this too. Not only can we ‘see’ but we can also imagine hearing, touching, tasting and smelling as we visualize. For example, visualizing being in nature we can feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, the smell of the flowers, the sounds of birds singing, or the taste of water from a clear mountain stream. When we add positive feelings like joy, happiness, peace or exuberance we create an even more powerful inner landscape. Visualizing can help us obtain desired goals by picturing ourselves actually achieving them.

The unconscious mind is the key to powerful visualization

What makes visualization so powerful is that we are able to connect with our unconscious mind. This part of the mind holds and stores memory. Not only that but it influences our emotions, attitudes, likes and dislikes. We may think that the conscious mind which we have access to is in charge, but consider how much of our lives are being played out through our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. For example, a person may have a core belief that he is not good enough. It doesn’t matter if he has a good job, a nice home and a loving spouse, he still doesn’t feel good enough about himself. This belief will undermine that person who may become a workaholic, over eat, or drink to relieve his anxieties and have affairs to try to prove his worth.

Visualize and change your thoughts and beliefs

You may have heard the old adage, “seeing is believing”. Well, consider that it is really the other way round, “believing is seeing.” If you believe in something strongly enough, if you visualize it with mental pictures and call your senses into play that’s what will show up in your life. Because you are the creator of your reality make what shows up in your what you want.

Taking the first step

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