Meditation Articles Series

The basic structure of a meditation practice

Whatever technique you decide to use in your meditation practice it will follow this structure. Itís worth keeping in mind (!) as it helps to simplify what meditation is. It also takes the mystery out of meditation, and the concept that it is only for New Agers, or other weird nutters.

Meditation involves focused attention

First of all meditation involves focused attention. Some call it one pointed focus. This enables the mind to quieten. When thoughts come into the mind they are accepted and allowed to drift away, rather than pushed away with effort, or wilfulness. When you realize that you have been carried away by thoughts you gently and simply bring your attention back to your one pointed focus.

A technique is part of the structure

The most widely used practice focuses on the breath. On our website you can subscribe free of charge to Learn to Meditate In Five Days using the breath technique.

Remaining focused on the stimulus

It takes time for the mind to become still but persistence in bringing your attention back to the one pointed focus or stimulus enables the mind to quieten. When this happens both the mind and the body become calm, still, and peaceful.

Peacefulness is our natural state of mind

The natural state of the mind is that of stillness, and peacefulness. It is also referred to as a state of presence. Presence is simply being here, and now. It is beingness in its pure essence.

Peacefulness becomes a part of daily life

As meditation practice becomes part of daily life you will find that the inner peace that comes from meditation will enable you to become less reactive to the stresses and strains that you encounter.

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