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Take Time to Do Absolutely Nothing – Not even…

Do you ever just sit down and do absolutely nothing, no newspapers, TV, computer, chatting, or even thinking?  When I ask people this question a certain look of discomfort comes across their faces.  Our society is the keep busy society.  It’s sexy to be busy, but it can also take its toll on our physical and mental well-being.  Sometimes people get stressed about even doing their meditation practice.  If we are westerners our Judeo-Christian influences are all about productivity, and keeping away from “idle hands which make work for the devil.”  I was repeatedly told that line at school!   No wonder I felt so guilty if I wasn’t occupied doing something “meaningful”.

Anyway, here’s an opportunity to share with you to take some time and do absolutely NOTHING!   If guilt, shame or some other negative emotion comes up, welcome it and really sit with it.  You may be surprised that it will subside, and leave you feeling quite at ease with your deliberate stand on conscious idleness.  You may find the breath settling to a smooth, even rhythm that relaxes you in a way you’ve never been relaxed before.  You may find you begin to daydream and just let thoughts come and go.  You may find that after your doing absolutely nothing that you are inspired to create and participate more joyfully in life’s flow. 

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