Meditation Articles Series

Some Techniques to Help You to Focus

How often are you aware of your heart beating?  Of course, if you have just been doing some strenuous exercise you will hear it thumping loudly in your chest.  But right now if you are sitting reading this take your focus to the beating of your heart.  Maybe even shut your eyes, and just become conscious of your heart beating loud and strong.  Give yourself some time to feel and listen to your heart.

I experience a sense of stillness as I listen to my heart beating.  There is something reassuring about the “lub, dub”, sound of the heartbeat.  We all listened to it for approximately nine months in our mother’s womb, and when we were held to the breast we would have been comforted by the familiar rhythmical beat. 

Listening to your heart beating will not only help you to focus, but will take you within to deeper stillness and silence.

Be In Your Fingertips

Here’s another way to focus.  This time take your awareness to your fingertips.  If this is challenging at first, start by taking your focus to your index finger tip.  As you do this you may almost immediately notice all of your fingertips, and feel the blood pulsing in them. 

Again, being in your body brings you into the present moment, that enables you to be calm and at peace with yourself.

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