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Rhythm and Meditation

Iíve been thinking about how rhythm becomes a natural part of meditation and deepens a meditation practice.  When I sit in meditation I may begin by focusing on the breath; the in breath, and the out breath.  If I do it long enough I become aware of the rhythm of the breath that allows my body and mind to settle into a flow.  Sometimes itís beyond words to describe accurately what that is like. 

However, I begin to realize more and more that when I experience rhythm the same altered state of awareness occurs whether sitting observing the breath, walking, dancing, spinning on my spinning wheel, or knitting yarn into garments.

People come to me sometimes to learn the basics of meditation.  I ask them how much time they could devote to a sitting practice.  I also ask them what they love to do.  Some people love to garden, others to do cross-stitch.  Some like to swim, jog, walk the dog, or play with their grandchildren.  Some like to cook, or to draw and paint.  What do you love to do that encourages rhythm and flow in you?  Perhaps you may not have a sitting meditation practice.  What if you were to bring one pointed focus to something you truly love to do?  You might find that that could turn into meditation; a moving meditation of flow and rhythm, deeper awareness and expanded consciousness.

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