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Relax Your Way Into Meditation

If you are absolutely new to meditation I would encourage you to do some simple relaxation practice before embarking each day on your meditation technique. 

Relaxation methods help to still the physical body.  This often makes it easier to meditate.  Sometimes you may sit down to begin and find that you are quite restless.  In western culture we are so often caught in extreme busyness.  This is very stressful as there never seems to be any relief from what has to be done and deadlines to meet.  We forget how to smile and laugh.  Your body may be so over adrenalized that sitting still becomes just another thing to be stressed about. 

On Fragrant Heart there are a number of relaxation practices you can listen to and learn to do by yourself.  When you sit to meditate, spend some time just relaxing your body.  You will find that your mind will settle much better when you start your chosen meditation technique.

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