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Reflections on Loss and How Meditation Can Help

What does loss feel like for you?  Here are some reflections that I have gathered over the years.

ďLoss to me feels like a part of me is missing.  Loss feels like I have no one to turn to who will understand and comfort me.  Loss is like a deep hole inside me where I cry to be able to reach out to be held and soothed.  It feels like the only one who would take me in their arms and resonate with the longing and loving in me has gone forever.  Loss feels like I am cast adrift in the ocean with no one by my side to reassure me and tell me that itís going to be all right.  Loss feels like I am so alone with nobody to turn to for warmth and comfort, no one to join with me in laughter and play, or in sadness and sorrow.  Loss feels like Iím a child again who needs the love she could never get from her parents. Loss feels like each day is dulled, and the ache that something pure and true has bee taken away from me.  Loss feels like a separation and cutting off of familiarity, knowing and being known by someone else.  Loss feels like Iím all alone in the world again, and Iím afraid that I will not survive by myself.Ē

Loss is felt as something real.  It creates physiological changes within the body.  These changes distress the body and can lead to illness and disease.  Separation and loss can manifest as despair and depression. 

Loss is a common human condition.  It is one we have all experienced in some way.  Grieving for a loss is a natural part of the process of healing.  It takes time.

If you have experienced loss in your life I encourage you to reach out for help.  It may be a friend who can support you, a counsellor, or someone else you trust.

Acknowledge that it is okay to feel sad, lonely, empty, angry or whatever emotion comes up for you.  Nurture yourself as much as you can. 

Use the Fragrant Heart website for the free relaxation and breathing exercises that will help you when you are feeling overwhelmed, or just plain miserable.  I would also urge you to meditate.  Over time this will create a solid foundation for you that will give you ongoing inner peace stillness and physical and emotional well-being.

These are just some brief suggestions.  I hope they will help you.

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