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Reduce Tension and Anxiety Simply

Are you sometimes bombarded with other people’s “stuff” that you pick up energetically?  When this happens to you are you left feeling drained and exhausted? 

A person who finds it difficult to connect to their own centre of well- being can have a tendency, which is often quite unconscious, to feed off someone else’s energy. 

Meditation will enable you to be more aware of yourself, of others, and your surroundings.  This is very beneficial because it enables you to become a lot more self-nurturing, and responsible for your own well-being. 

Here’s a simple little calming exercise that you can do to release someone else’s unhealthy psychic pull on your energy.  It will also help you if you are feeling tense.  

All you have to do is locate the solar plexus centre in your body which lies just below the breastbone.  Using your left hand stroke this area in anti-clockwise circles.  Shut your eyes if you can, and just focus on letting go and releasing the stress and tension.  As you do this for even a minute or less, be aware of the breath.  Let the breath fill your belly as you breathe in, and allow the breath as you breathe out, along with the gentle solar plexus massage, to quieten your body and mind.

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