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Qualities Worth Pursuing

28 Apr 2010

The other day a friend of mine lent me a book to read called, ďAre You the One For Me?Ē written by Barbara DeAngelis, PhD.  As itís a New York Times number one bestseller I guess there are millions of people who ask themselves that question frequently when dating or in relationship with another.

What are the qualities you look for, or have looked for in a partner?  If you are single and still looking for a mate, perhaps your values now are different from when you were younger.

I read through the values that the author had written in her book.  I couldnít help but ponder on these values leading to a full and whole life regardless of whether that person is wanting to be in a relationship or not.  And I couldnít help but reflect that these values could over time deepen and become the pivotal foundation in someoneís meditation practice.

Not to keep you in a state of suspension any longer here are the six qualities to look for in a partner as quoted from Barbara DeAngelisí book:

  1. Commitment to personal growth
  2. Emotional awareness
  3. Integrity
  4. Maturity and responsibility
  5. High self-esteem
  6. Positive attitude toward life   

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