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Qualities of a Spiritual Teacher

There usually arises at some point in time in the spiritual journey that there is a yearning to be with a teacher who can help guide and develop our spiritual awareness.

There are so many spiritual teachers around the world that it can be quite confusing as to whom to choose.  Some initiates have dreams in which their teacher appears.  Others go through a trial and error process of finding a teacher, and will often have several teachers in a lifetime.  Some people it would seem stumble upon their teacher and have a strong intuitive knowing that this is their direction spiritually.

If you want someone to deepen your connection, and help you to awaken to your divinity then these guidelines may be of use to you.

Because you are entrusting an often fragile and vulnerable part of yourself to a teacher, itís a good idea to check out their credentials just as you would if you were going to a counsellor, therapist, or other professional.  As you may be fully aware, many people give away their authority to someone whom they consider to be wiser, and have more knowledge than themselves.  This can be very dangerous as a lot of Ďspiritualí teachers are full of ego.  As a result followers have often ended up disempowered, abused sexually, physically and mentally, and losing their worldly goods.

How do you know if a teacher is genuine?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are they kind, and compassionate?

Do they respect and honour their students, never abuse or manipulate them in any way whatsoever?

Are they willing to share their wisdom and the teachings from a higher source than themselves?

Are they humble? 

Do they serve others with love and devotion, or do they serve their own needs?

If you do join a bona fide spiritual group or organization also be aware that even if the teacher is tireless in her or his heart centred teachings that followers may have other agendas.  I have never yet been in any group that didnít!  And often these people who are just like you will set themselves apart as special and try to control others, especially newcomers.

Donít be naÔve in your spiritual quest.  Talk with others.  Do research on the internet if that is appropriate.  Take your time before you commit to anyone, or anything.  Trust your response.  If something doesnít feel right even if you cannot rationalize why, trust your intuition and keep away.  Sometimes getting out of a spiritual group or organization is a lot harder than getting in.

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