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Overcoming resistance to meditation

Perhaps you have been meditating for a little while and you began with great enthusiasm. You may have had an intention for your meditation practice, such as reducing your stress levels, or being able to concentrate more effectively in your life. You may also have prepared a special place to do your practice where you could go each day and be alone in a peaceful spot. Then you begin to find that you are coming up with excuses as to why you are unable to meditate. This is resistance. This is normal and happens to everyone of us who takes the path of meditation. Why does this happen? The mind wants to be in control. The mind is creating thoughts all the time. Stilling the mind requires focus, concentration and discipline. The mind is restless and when it does take over its influence is such that you can start believing the thoughts that arise. For example, "This meditation is not working. I've been practising everyday now for two weeks and I'm still not enlightened. What's the point of it anyway? I'd much rather be watching television. I don't like sitting still. It's not good for my body. And these feelings are just yuk and who needs them?" And on and on it goes. Again, just remember that you will experience resistance. Just accept and allow it. "So this is what resistance feels like." Carry on with your practice and it will pass sooner or later.

There is so much information on the net to guide you and inspire you to keep up your meditation practice. I would like to refer you to my daughter's website with a fascinating article on meditation. Here you will be able to read about the research and evidence of why meditation is so beneficial for each one of us.

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