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Mind Power: What else is possible?

I came across an article on an amazing experiment done by Professor William Bruad at the Mind Science Foundation in San Atonio, Texas. He wanted to find out if someone could consciously or unconsciously influence not just another person’s mind but their body as well. He used red blood cells to see if they could be protected by human thought from swelling and bursting (an effect known as haemolysis) when placed in test tubes. A group of ordinary people with no specific training in this field were shown colour slides of healthy blood cells and asked to visualize them remaining healthy when they were put into solution in ten test tubes. Another ten test tubes were used as the control. The group of visualisers were put in a different room from the test tubes. They set about visualizing the blood cells staying healthy. By passing a light beam through the solution the rate of haemolysis could be measured. Results showed that the blood cells that were visualized as remaining healthy disintegrated much less quickly than those in the control tubes.

This experiment demonstrates quite remarkably and beyond doubt, that human thought, even at a distance used by people with no special training using visualization can actually influence living human blood cells.

Our thoughts are powerful. They create our reality and affect not only ourselves but others as well. If we are constantly thinking negative what affect is that having on us? What if we are thinking negative thoughts about someone else?

Throughout the day pause, take a few breaths, and say out loud, or silently with an open heart:

“May all beings be happy. May all beings be free. May all beings love.”

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