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Meditation... Getting Started

I receive a lot of emails from dedicated meditators all over the world who come across our Fragrant Heart website.  I notice that each one of them as they write feels really good about what they are doing in their meditation practice.  Some are beginners and find the site helpful.  Each person shares an enthusiasm for meditation, and how it is changing their life in positive ways.

If you are reading this blog and wondering about getting started in a meditation practice here are some suggestions.

Write down all the ways you believe that meditation would be of benefit to you.  Now be really honest with yourself and ask yourself what stops you from meditating.  Then ask yourself if you get a response to meditate despite all the reasons not to.  If you do, then focus on the benefits you have written down.  Begin a meditation practice and each day read over your list of benefits.  These become your ongoing positive thoughts that make sense, and make you feel good about yourself, and your practice. 

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