Meditation Articles Series


Itís evening and my daughter Anna and I are sitting together in relaxed quietness. Iím watching Anna as she spins with a drop spindle. A drop spindle is an ancient tool for making woollen yarn. Anna is seated comfortably with one leg crossed on the chair, and her foot of her other leg resting on the floor. With the spindle spinning Anna gently teases out the fibres and a thread appears. I observe my daughter. She is serene and calm, focused and alert. There is a natural ease and rhythm to her body as her hands flow around the fibres, the thread, and the spindle.

Meditation takes many forms

Meditation takes many forms, and the art of spinning is a meditation in itself. Whatever meditation technique you use it need not be about being austere, harsh, strict, or necessarily solitary. These are words associated with the disciplines and rituals that form the history of meditation. Leaving behind these rigid structures, we can approach meditation in a new light. As we meditate we flow with the rhythms of the earth, and the seasons of nature. In meditation we can experience love and joy. We can take these back into our daily life. We can be our true nature. We honour the body and celebrate life itself. Meditation brings us back home.

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