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Meditation and the Visual Pathway

I am going to see a man called Peter Grunwald, who has been working in the field of natural vision for many years.  From extremely blurred vision, Peter Grunwald can now see clearly without glasses.  He has helped many people back to clear sightedness.

His book, called “Eyebody – The Art of Integrating Eye, Brain and Body”, is a very informative book about vision.

I came across this paragraph in his book about meditation. He writes,

“Many people comment that they are physically uncomfortable while meditating.  I remember my own meditations in the past, associated with much pain and discomfort when sitting still.  When I discovered and developed a means to stay within my visual pathway and direct myself in the meditation session from the upper visual cortex throughout the entire visual system, the pain and discomfort vanished, with no more mind wandering.  And after an hour or so my eyes, vision, posture and mental attention are clear and focused.  Meditation can become easy, enjoyable and pain-free.”

Keep on reading future blogs and I’ll be able to tell you more about what I experience in working within my visual pathway to improve my vision, and possibly my meditation practice.

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