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Meditation and "The Power for Expansive Change"

“The Artist’s Way” was written by Julia Cameron and first published in 1994. It became an international best seller. It’s a book I’ve read and reread over the years. It is a very helpful book to encourage each one of us to release the blockages within our mental processes that stop us from pursuing our creativity.

Here is what Julia Cameron says about meditation. Her insights may encourage you in your meditation practice.

“Let’s take a look at what we stand to gain by meditating. There are many ways of thinking about meditation. Scientists speak of it in terms of brain hemispheres and shunting techniques. We move from logic brain to artist brain from fast to slow, shallow to deep. Management consultants, in pursuit of corporate physical health, have learned to think of meditation primarily as a stress-management technique. Spiritual seekers choose to view the process as a gateway to God. Artists and creativity mavens approve of it as a conduit for higher creative insights.

“All of these notions are true – as far as they go. They do not go far enough. Yes, we will alter our brain hemisphere, lower our stress, discover an inner contact with a creative source, and have many creative insights. Yes, for any one of these reasons, the pursuit is a worthy one. Even taken in combination, however, they are still intellectual constructs for what is primarily an experience of wholeness, rightness, and power.”

“We meditate to discover our own identity, our right place in the scheme of the universe. Through meditation, we acquire and eventually acknowledge our connection to and inner power source that has the ability to transform our outer world. In other words, meditation gives us not only the light of insight but also the power for expansive change.”

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