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Meditation and Garbage

Last week I blogged about bringing more awareness into doing the ďmenialĒ tasks in daily living.  This week I want to discuss with you recycling your garbage, and how you can make that a moving meditation, and a loving kindness practice.

Not so long ago I saw a documentary about New Zealandís recycled plastic and glass, and where goes.  I was naÔve enough to believe it was all processed locally.  I find that it is shipped overseas to countries like China.  There, in huge compounds women sit all day sorting out different grades of plastic.  The stench from the unwashed containers is horrific.

I usually wash out plastic and glass containers before I put them in the recycled bin.  Perhaps you do too.  Now Iím putting greater focus and concentration into this task.  I realize itís like the loving kindness meditation.  As I wash each container I send loving kindness to the people who will sort it, and by washing and cleaning the containers carefully I know it will reinforce the loving kindness I am sending.

It may take a little extra time to do this but why not give it a go and feel what thatís like for you.

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