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Meditation and Compassion

You may already be doing this, so here’s an idea to enhance your meditations.  Meditation is after all a spiritual practice.  Following a spiritual path means we become more aware of ourselves.  We become more mature.  We can face our demons, (our shadow side), and be more compassionate to ourselves, and the helplessness and limitations at times of being a human being.  We let go harshly judging others.  We let go resentments and blame as we accept ourselves more, as we stop judging ourselves so harshly.  We take greater responsibility for what we do and say, and how our actions affect others.  This is all part of maturing and it releases us from our inflated sense of self importance.  I believe, as we do this we become more empathic toward others.  We extend the compassion that we know and feel in ourselves toward others.

And here’s something to enhance that on a daily basis.  At the end of your meditation practice, quietly say to yourself, “May all beings be happy.  May all beings love.  May all beings be free.”  Set the intention and go about your day. 

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