Meditation Articles Series

Let Go of Clutter

Hereís an idea.  Look around your home.  Is it cluttered?  Do you have clothes you havenít worn for a year or more?  Do you have unfinished projects that have been sitting idle for so long?  Do your cupboards bulge with stuff that falls out when you open them?  What about taking a day, you may need even longer, and clear out all the things you havenít used, you no longer care for, or you have never got around to fixing or restoring.  Let it all go.  Give it away to someone else who would cherish, and make good use of it. 

Now sit back and immerse yourself in how that feels to let go of the clutter.  Feel what itís like to live more spaciously. 

And when you meditate be aware of what that is like to keep on allowing your thoughts to come and go, without becoming attached to them.  Experience what itís like to have an uncluttered mind.

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