Meditation Articles Series


As my daughter spins I observe that she demands nothing of herself. Her one pointed focus is the thread that is being twisted together from the woollen fibres. She is not putting any pressure on herself as her body and spindle move in the rhythm of spinning.

Whatever meditation technique you use, be it the breath, sound, or something else, the intention you have for showing up each day is enough. Let go of all pressure to do anything. Just be there in your one pointed focus. With meditation there is no requirement to perform, or exams to pass. There is no final destination to arrive at.

Again I observe Anna, where like any one of us meditating, she too will have thoughts coming and going. This is natural; this is the job of the mind. When you become aware of your thoughts in your meditation practice gently bring your attention back to your focus. Rest there in that spaciousness and opening. Be aware of your body and mind quietening in stillness and simplicity. As you do this you create an atmosphere that allows you to enter a new state of being.

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