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How the breath empowers you

We come into the world on the inward breath and we leave this world on the outward breath. Breath is with us all our lives. It is something that we cannot do without for too long. If you are one of the many people who have taken "The Learn How to Meditate in Five Days" course from our website you would have had the opportunity to become very aware of the breath. The one pointed focus is the breath, just allowing the breath to come and go as it will, not trying to control, coerce or manipulate the breath but just observing it. As you now continue to do your daily meditation practice you may be finding that as your mind quietens, your breath is naturally deepening. You may also be aware in your daily practice that your body is becoming a lot more peaceful, still and calm.

As you go about your day after your meditation remain aware as much as you can as to how you are breathing. From time to time breathe deeply into your lower lungs which forces your belly to expand, and as you breathe out, breathe out until you are empty. Notice how your body feels after taking a deep and clearing breath.

Take a few moments right now to become conscious of your breath. How are you breathing? Are you breathing fully and freely, so that each inhalation expands your belly? Or are you breathing high in your chest so that each breath is shallow rather than full and deep? Breathing deeply keeps your body relaxed and reduces feelings of being uptight, stressed and agitated. I believe that if you can maintain awareness of your breath throughout the day you will also enhance your meditation practice. In time whatever you are doing will be that of one pointed focus and concentration. It is possible to move through your day in a meditative state, fully conscious, fully aware. The breath is always there as your guide to the internal state of well being, or not, inner calm and inner peace, or not.

If you are feeling particularly nervous about something and you can sit quietly by yourself for a little time (even if this means escaping into the bathroom) try this form of one pointed focus. Breathe in through your nose allowing your belly to expand, and as you breathe out, breathe out through your mouth making the sound…aaaaaaah. On each outward breath keep on allowing yourself to make the sighing sound. Do this repeatedly until you feel calm. As you breathe out keep on relaxing on the outward breath, letting the air fall out of your body, moving into a state of relaxed calmness and focus, and as you breathe in, breathe in so that your belly expands.

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