Meditation Articles Series

How Does Inner Peace Manifest in You?

When you experience inner peace through your meditation practice it will show in you as you move through your day.  You will not be so agitated or irritable by what others do, or donít do.  You will smile and laugh quite spontaneously for no other reason that just the sheer joy of being alive.  When people around you are angry and disturbed you will have a soothing effect on them.  With inner peace comes an open and loving heart.  Others will be inspired by your presence.  You will pass strangers in the street and they too will receive the emanation of inner peace from you.  Inner peace gives you focus and concentration so that your mind is still and yet decisive.  You wonít feel pressured to multi-task, as you will be effective in each moment with what you are doing.  There will be a glow and radiance about you that makes you beautiful to behold.

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