Meditation Articles Series

Footprints in the Sand

Today the sand on the beach was a sea of footprints.  There were the deep dug trenches of runnersí trainers, the slight imprint of a childís foot, and the sharp points in the sand of dogsí trotting feet.  Now and again I noticed that youngsters had made marvellous drawings, and written their names clearly in the solid sand.  Before too many hours the tide will come back in and wash away all these imprints.  For probably a short time the sand will be smooth, unfurrowed, and without creases.  And then the next dayís foot traffic will begin all over again.  These patterns left on the beach will never repeat themselves in quite the same way as they were today.  Each footprint was arranged in its own unique way, and in its placement on the beach.  All these footprints represented others who were thinking as they walked.  What were their thoughts?  Iíll never know.  Maybe some were anxious and worried thoughts.  Maybe some were happy and uplifting thoughts.  And itís interesting to wonder at these footprints representing thousands and thousands of thoughts.  And where did all those thoughts go? 

So Iím thinking thoughts right now as I write!  And when I sit and meditate I intend that like the sand, the lapping waves wash across my mind, and the waters of awareness gently smooth the thoughts that distract me from being in the present moment.

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