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Following a Spiritual Path

Meditation is one route along the spiritual path.  Meditation leads to greater empathy, and deeper compassion for ourselves and others. It helps us to accept our limitations, and at times helplessness as human beings.  It reduces our need to harshly judge ourselves and others.

I’ve just been reading a book by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D. called “Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life” (published 2008). Although the book is about a specific behavioural disorder found in certain people she writes some wise words about the spiritual path. Although a counsellor herself, she does say that therapy alone has limitations.

I believe there is something greater that calls to each one of us to live who we truly are freed of the conditionings that stop us being able to embrace life with love, compassion and freedom.  Some people only discover this after some trauma, or crisis that shakes them to their foundations. 

Here is an insightful quote from Linda Martinez-Lewi’s book:

“Following a spiritual path is often discouraging, humbling, tedious, boring, mystifying.  It requires that we acknowledge our shortcomings and failures without defensiveness.  It asks us to become naked to ourselves and eventually transparent.  A person who possesses the spiritual quality of transparency is always the same, despite the people or circumstances that he encounters.  He moves through life with calmness, grace, and equanimity.  He treats everyone with respect and lifts the psychic weight of others. His heart is strong and soft, resolute and adaptable.” 

(Linda Martinez-Lewi uses the gender form of ‘he’ throughout the book but emphasizes the use of ‘she’ also.)

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