Meditation Articles Series

Expanding Your Awareness - Part 2

Last week in Expanding Your Awareness you could try the Open Focus exercise. Did you feel a change in your awareness that left you feeling right here, right now and a greater feeling of connectedness to yourself and your world?

This week try something altogether different. You will need a pencil, some blank paper and something to copy.

Exercise 2: Draw Upside Down

The process is simple: muddle your verbal mind by copying a picture that you’ve turned upside down. The inversion of the shapes will confuse your left hemisphere. You’ll begin perceiving nameless colours and shapes, verbal thinking will slow down and beauty will emerge from things you’ve never even noticed.

Quoted from a Martha Beck article written in the “Oprah” magazine May 2008.

This can be a lot of fun to do and if you believe you are not artistic you’ll be amazed at how accurate you can draw something when your left brain is not organizing, controlling and judging the outcome. See how relaxed and at ease you can feel just drawing lines that you are not trying to make into something that you already perceive how it should be.

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