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For some meditators enlightenment is the goal. What is enlightenment? A friend of mine describes it as being in a continual state of bliss at one with everything and everyone. There is no longer any separation between you and the expansiveness of the universe. You carry on your life as before but there is no attachment any longer to your own suffering or anyone elseís. You may have your own definition of enlightenment, and if not itís interesting to read about what others have to say about the subject.

I came across this quote from a famous Zen teacher called Dojen Zenji that puts enlightenment in perspective.

ďBe modest with what you eat and drink.

Sit somewhere quiet.

Free yourself from attachments, and bring the mind to rest.

Think of neither good nor evil; donít judge either right or wrong.

Maintain the flow of mind and consciousness.

Let go of all desires, concepts and judgments.

And donít give a thought to enlightenment.Ē

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