Meditation Articles Series

Colour Awareness

Just recently I began a short course on Interior Design.  I want to understand colour, and how to use colours in ways that are harmonious and soothing, in my home, my drawing, and in the clothes I wear.  I am very much a novice but I am already finding in just two weeks of the course how much more aware I am of colour.  I am looking at colour through new eyes and considering what the underlying tones might be.  It takes time.  The teacher says it takes a lot of practice.  I can see this is a skill that once learnt will give me a strong understanding of how to blend colours in anything I wish to create.

In meditation we bring our attention to a one pointed focus whether it be the breath, chanting a mantra, visualizing, or something else.  As the mind wanders we gently come back to the one pointed focus.  We practise this again and again until the mind quietens and we experience inner stillness and peace.  Just like anything else, like the design course I am doing, it takes practice. 

The great thing about meditation is that there is no right way or wrong way to do it.  Not like mixing colours, where if you donít follow a formula youíll end up with some muddy shade far from what you had intended to blend.

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