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Colour, and Sensitivity

For the past six weeks I have been doing an Interior Design course.  I was always shy about colour, and how to use or blend colours together.  This course inspired a child like delight in me to get lots of colour charts from the local paint shop and to look at combinations to see how they worked together, or not.  Perhaps you’re like me and love colours too.

All of us in the course commented on how sensitive to colour we’ve become.  By simply beginning to put our attention on colours, and their shades and hues, each one of us has become very aware of the impact colour has in our lives. 

I often get around to linking what I do back to meditation.  If you are a regular reader of these blogs, I hope that doesn’t become too tedious for you. 

If you have done the free Fragrant Heart course, “Learn to Meditate in Five Days” you will have used the one pointed focus of the breath.  It’s as simple as watching the breath, the inward and outward breath, how the breath changes, how it touches the nostrils and upper lip.  You may now find that like a sensitivity to colour, you will have become very sensitive to the breath.  Throughout your waking day as you look about you colour abounds in your world.  It’s never far from you at all.  So it is with the breath.  By being aware of the breath, not just in meditation but as you go about your day, you will find that the breath is changing all the time.  Your sensitivity to the breath will enable you to use it consciously when you become tense, overwhelmed, or agitated.  Like colour, the breath when breathed with awareness enriches and enlivens our lives.

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